Education is Enlightenment

“All generous social irradiations spring from science, letters, arts, education.” (Les Miserables: p. 521)

As I read this, I could not help thinking about the gutting of our education system here in the US. It seems like every time the government needs to cut costs, it is education that is the first to suffer. But it is not only education, science and the arts have also lost funding. Throughout history, artists have thrived because of the patronage of those in power. Let’s face it, if not for the Medicis and the Pope, the world would not have the works of Michelangelo.

Recently, I watched the final space shuttle liftoff. Space exploration programs have also seen drastic cuts in funding. I, for one, am deeply disturbed by this. I believe that the future of humanity lies in the exploration of space.

If ignorance is the source of so many of our social ills, it stands to reason that enlightenment and illumination is the key to a healthy and prosperous world. I sincerely hope that people will begin to realize this and shift resources to the things that really matter.



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2 responses to “Education is Enlightenment

  1. Hey Jeff, reminds me of a dream I recently had. I was called in to an assembly at a school on my day off. It turned out to be a propaganda presentation for some corporation and their philosophy. I snuck out not wanting to waste my time. But on leaving, I grieved for all the children being forced to watch it thinking it was “education”, their parents none the wiser.

    • jeff japp

      Wow, Dielle. That sounds like a nightmare. Let’s hope that it never comes to pass. Thanks for sharing your comment.

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