Hi-Def Photos of Saturn

While scanning Yahoo News this morning, I saw an article that made my geek heart flutter (click here to read article). NASA’s Cassini orbiter, launched in 1997, took an amazing picture of the dark side of Saturn. The Sun’s back-lighting illuminated the rings in a way that rivals any science fiction artwork.

I am a huge supporter of space exploration, and it distresses me that funding is being cut in our space programs. Granted, space programs are expensive, but they also provide many high-tech and high-paying jobs, something that our economy desperately needs. I also feel that research into space travel could provide answers to energy problems here on Earth. If we could harness renewable energy for long-distance space travel, then I feel confident that we could use those technologies to generate safe and inexpensive energy on terra firma.


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2 responses to “Hi-Def Photos of Saturn

  1. michele christian

    Incredible photo! thanks jeffy.