To View the Soul

As I was reading Les Miserables this morning, I came upon this quote: “The best way to look at the soul is through closed eyes” (p. 885). I thought about meditation and whether closing my eyes helps me to focus while meditating. For me, I’m easily distracted, so a dust mote, the cat walking through my field of vision, or a book on the table can trigger a flood of thoughts that can start my internal dialog racing. This is why I tend to close my eyes or gaze into a candle while meditating. It allows me to quiet my thoughts and to perceive the subtleties that are occurring within me. I believe it was Nietzsche who said “Wisdom comes in your most quiet hour.” So closing my eyes while I meditate transforms the inside of my eyelids into a canvass where I can view the projections from within me.

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