Rereading Books

I read an interesting article today about rereading books. The writer poses the question: “What makes us return to books – is it the quality of the prose or the memories of our own lives that they evoke?”

For me, it is something different. When I read a book, I bring my life experiences to that book and my experiences are what makes the book resonate for me. As I continue to grow and experience more of life, my perspectives change. When I reread a book, I am not seeking to recapture some memory of my past, I’m seeking a different perspective on life by examining a literary work of art through different eyes. Which is why, for me, I try to reread Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet” every few years, because I know different verses will speak to me based upon where I am in life’s journey.

So, according to the article, the most widely reread books are the Harry Potter series. I’m not surprised, since I am guilty of rereading several of those books myself.

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