Race Controversy Over “The Hunger Games”

I am currently reading The Hunger Games and nearing the end of the book (my review will be here soon). As I was skimming the new on Yahoo, an article about the film adaptation caught my eye (click here to read the article). It seems that people are upset that some of the characters are black, even going so far as to express their new lack of empathy for the characters’ suffering.

I’m not sure why I’m still surprised when I am faced with people’s racism and hatred. I suppose it’s because I expect more from humanity. You would think that by this point we would have evolved, at least a little bit more than we have.

I guess I could put a positive spin on this. I hear it said that, yes, people are still screwed up. The difference between now and the past, though, is that now we expect people to be better. This is probably the first step towards change.

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