“Tarot Card Meanings” by Thirteen

I have owned a tarot deck for many years, but never really spent enough time with the cards to learn them. I recently decided to take some time to learn the interpretations and symbolism of the cards. So I contacted my friend Erin who is well-versed in tarot and asked her to recommend a book to help me learn the cards. Instead of a book, she suggested a website that provides detailed explanations of each card (click here to view the site).

Thirteen (the author) really does a great job detailing each of the 78 cards, pointing out interesting symbolism in the images and tying the cards together into a unified story. By the time I finished studying all the cards, taking my time and meditating on the imagery, I felt I had gained a deeper understanding of the cards and now feel confident in actually reading them.

If you are interested in the tarot, you should definitely check out this site, especially if you are a beginner. Even if you have no inclination to actually attempt to read tarot cards, you may find the site interesting since Thirteen’s insights into the symbols will likely help you interpret symbolism in paintings, books, and other art forms.

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