Reader’s Block?

GenericBooksImageI just read a blog post about reader’s block, a condition where someone hits a point where they can no longer pick up a book to read. (Click here to read the blog post.) Thankfully, I have never experienced this myself … yet (I don’t want to jinx myself). When I finished college, the first thing I did was pick up Moby Dick, which I read from beginning to end. In fact, I’m such a book junkie, if I don’t have at least one book that I am reading, I get the shakes.

That said, I can understand how this may happen to people. Sometimes your brain just hits a point of maximum saturation where it is not possible to process any more information. As someone who writes for a living, and therefore reads a lot for work, I get to that point where I just can’t read another word. This is temporary, though. If I walk away and do something else, I am usually able to read again within a few hours and I will certainly be able to read before I go to sleep.

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on this and whether any of you have ever experienced reader’s block, and if so, how you have gotten yourself out of it. Read on!

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