Rolling Stones: 50 and Counting (Their Money) Tour

StonesTongueI am a big Rolling Stones fan and am grateful that I got to see them five times. I entertained the possibility of taking my kids to see them, until I saw the ticket prices and realized they have completely lost their minds. As a result, I have renamed their tour the “50 and Counting Their Money” tour.

I read on Pollstar what the prices are. The “cheap” tickets are a mere $142.75 plus $29 in TicketMaster fees, bringing the nosebleed seats up to $171.75 each. If you want good seats, those are $571.50 each with a $94.35 TicketMaster fee, bringing the price in at $665.85 per ticket. Honestly, I’m kind of disgusted about this. It’s not like the Stones need the money. To me, it seems more like an ego thing: How much would someone spend to see us play? For me, not that much. I may be dating myself here, but the first time I saw the Stones I paid $5. That’s right – five dollars.

This is nothing short of exploitation, capitalizing on an aging population that is desperately trying to recapture their glory days. I’m not going to be a part of this. I guess I’ll end with a quote from The Clash’s song White Man in Hammersmith Palais: “They got Burton suits, ha you think it’s funny, turning rebellion into money.”


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6 responses to “Rolling Stones: 50 and Counting (Their Money) Tour

  1. My respect for them died years ago. OK, decades.

    • Stuff Jeff Reads

      Thanks for commenting!

      I still respect their contribution to music, I just refuse to pay that much money to see any band. I’ve been around way too long and have seen way too many shows to put up with that. Would much rather see David Byrne and St Vincent, then save the extra $125. 😉

  2. Tom Brown

    Jeff the correct title should be 50 and Counting (And Lost their DAM mind) Tour