“Witchblade” Issue 1

Witchblade_Issue1On my last trip to the comic store I picked up the first issue of Witchblade. I got it for a reasonable price. Comic prices can be a little high sometimes.

So the good news is that it sucked me right in. It was everything I had expected. The artwork was magnificent and the story grabbed me right away. It’s possible that because I was such a big fan of the TV series, I know the background and a lot of what I assume will transpire. The bad news is, I’ll now have to seek out and purchase the subsequent issues.

This issue is essentially the setup. The Witchblade, a mysterious gauntlet, can only be worn by the chosen one. Anyone else who attempts to wear it suffers greatly. The Witchblade chooses Sara Pezzini, a tough New York City homicide detective, and the first thing she discovers is the object’s ability to heal her after she is shot. But the issue ends on a foreboding note as Sara feels that she is plunging into insanity, not knowing what is happening to her.

I am eager to read the next issue, but I may have to order it online. My favorite comic store did not have it, and when I called another, they had a copy of issue 2 but wanted about three times as much as what I paid for the first one. I’m just not willing to spend that much on a comic, since I’m more of a reader than a collector.

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