Twenty More Books to Read

GenericBooksImageEvery time I finish reading something, it seems that several books are added to my reading list, resulting in the exponential growth of books and poems that I need to read. Today, twenty books were added my reading list.

I read an article entitled 20 Classic Novels You’ve Never Heard of, and I confess, I have not heard of any of them. In fact, I am unfamiliar with most of the writers. One of the books on the list, Crome Yellow by Aldous Huxley, particularly caught my interest. I read quite a bit of Huxley when I was younger, including some of his lesser-known works like The Perennial Philosophy, which had a profound impact on me. Crome Yellow is his first book and is overshadowed by his later works. This is now high on my list.

The great thing about being a bibliophile is that you are on a never-ending intellectual journey where you are always exploring new ideas and stories. I know I’ll never read everything that I’d like to read, or everything that I should for that matter. But I am grateful that I am inclined to read and that I will continue to do so. Cheers!


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2 responses to “Twenty More Books to Read

  1. mary corley

    Darn it, Jeff, 20 more for TBR list. I won’t live long enough to get to all the books on the list!

    • Stuff Jeff Reads

      Ha Ha!! Actually, if you have books on your list that you have not read and you need to read, you will live longer, since you have unfinished business in this world and therefore cannot die until you have completed what you are here for. So stock up your bookshelves! 😉