Witchblade Issue 2

Witchblade_Issue02After reading the first issue, I decided that I would continue with the series. Unfortunately, issue 2 was difficult to find and very expensive. While I really wanted to support one of the local comic stores that had a copy, I could not justify spending $20 for a comic that I would likely read once. The fact is I’m a reader, not a collector. Anyway, I discovered Comixology, which allows you to purchase digital copies of out-of-print comics for a reasonable cost. Needless to say, Witchblade Issue #2 was my first purchase.

I have to say that I am glad I only spent $1.99 for the digital copy. The story was a little choppy and not as well-written as the first issue, in my opinion. But that said, the art work is excellent. The colors are vivid and the details in each panel are magnificent. The quality of the graphics definitely makes up for the choppy storyline.

Essentially, Sara is recovering from her injuries and is beginning to learn about the Witchblade’s powers. At the same time, we learn more about Kenneth Irons and his servant Nottingham. I sense that Nottingham is going to play a significant role in the story. He is definitely being cast as a powerful individual.

As is the case with most comics, this issue leaves you hanging. It seems that the Witchblade has the ability to bring the dead back to life, but there is a sense of foreboding as Sara’s partner is revived. Curious to see what happens next. I do have print versions of the next couple issues, which I had already purchased. I’ll be continuing the saga soon.

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