Review of “Kill Shakespeare: Issue #5”

KillShakespeare_05As I anticipated, this installment is right up there with the earlier issues in regard to story and content. While issue #4 was a little thin on content, this issue definitely makes up for the previous one.

In this part of the tale, Hamlet leaves his group and sets out on his own. Before he leaves, there is a great verbal exchange between Iago and Othello, in which Iago states: “Never were two men more brothers than Iago and Othello. And never were two brothers more cursed by jealousy, hate, ego, and honour.” I see this as an allusion to the biblical story of Cain and Abel.

Another really cool scene occurs when Hamlet comes to a river’s edge and the spirits of his father and Polonius rise out of the water. They both accuse him of cowardice, which invokes imagery of Hamlet’s inability to act–his tragic flaw in the original play. At one point, the ghost of Polonius tells Hamlet: “Fool. Ye are yer own devil, Hamlet. Every choice ye make is damned.” I love that line! It’s so true, and it is also true on a grander scale. We are all our own devils. We are all guilty of making choices that ultimately lead us to tragedy.

I’m really enjoying this series and now one of my daughters has started reading it also. Tonight, I am taking the same daughter to see a stage performance of The Tempest. I think I am raising her well.

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