Review of “Kill Shakespeare: Issue #6”

KillShakespeare_06So I am officially halfway through the series now and I am still thoroughly enjoying it. In fact, last weekend I went to see a performance of The Tempest by the Montford Park Players and I raved about the comic to the managing director. He told me he was very familiar with the comic and concurred with me regarding its merits.

Issue #6 sees Hamlet reunited with Juliet and company; Juliet rallies the townsfolk to rebel against the forces of King Richard III; and Iago proves to be as devious as you would expect, siding with Lady Macbeth who is summoning dark forces to assist with her plans.

There are a couple of parts in this issue that really stood out for me. First is the line: “The quality of Will’s mercy is not strained.” It’s an adaptation of one of my favorite lines from The Merchant of Venice and I love that they incorporate lines from Shakespeare’s plays into the comic. The Merchant of Venice is also the next play that the Montford Park Players are staging, so I am looking forward to seeing it performed. But I digress.

The other scene in this issue that really struck me is when Hamlet laments the fact that he does nothing, and on the occasions when he does act, his actions result in unhappiness. As I writing this, I’m becoming aware that Hamlet sounds pretty whiny, but I can say that this is not how he is portrayed in the comic. He is portrayed as someone struggling with his inner self, which to me, has always been one of the key aspects of Hamlet’s character.

I’m itching to find out how it all ends. I’ll be reviewing Issue #7 very soon.

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