Review of “Kill Shakespeare: Issue #7”

KillShakespeare_07This may be my favorite issue so far.

The issue is structured as metatheatre, or a play within a play, similar to the Mousetrap scene in Hamlet. It is broken into three acts, which leads me to guess that the next issue is comprised of two acts, since a Shakespearean play has five. In addition to the structural metatheatre, there is another play within a play where the Murder of Gonzago is staged as part of the 12th Night festivities. In a nice plot twist, the play affects Hamlet in a manner reminiscent of how Claudius is affected in the original drama.

As far as the language goes, it is impeccable. The pages are filled with excellent word play that is in keeping with the theme of metatheatre. The characters are constantly referring to their roles, their parts, the acts, the stage, and so forth, for example, “Do thy part, Iago” and “I know my price… and my role.”

Lastly, I want to mention the art work. Again, it is perfect in relation to the theme. Many of the pages are bordered with theater curtains, adding emphasis to the scenes being acted out within the greater context of the story. The colors are rich and the drawings highly detailed. Honestly, I cannot think of any way in which this issue could possibly be improved.

People who know me can attest to the fact that I don’t give praise frivolously. I am being sincere when I say that this is without a doubt the best comic series I have ever read. I am so ready to delve into the next issue.

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