Review of “Kill Shakespeare: Issue #11”

KillShakespeare_11I am stranded in an airport and just finished reading this issue. I have to say that technology is a cool thing, allowing people to connect to the world even when stuck somewhere.

This is the next-to-last issue and the story is building to a climax. Shakespeare decides to join the rebels in their fight against King Richard. There is a great speech that Shakespeare makes as he joins his followers.

I desired to be a wise father, a caring father. So I constructed this world to be a paradise for all of you to live in… and the I gave you the greatest gift–choice.

It’s true. This world we live in is a paradise, but our free will is what makes us divine beings. But just like in this comic, there are those who have allowed greed, envy, and hatred to steer their choices. It is my dream that some day humanity will evolve past this point.

When Richard discovers that Shakespeare has joined the battle, he decides to make his move to seize Shakespeare’s power, stating: “It is time to kill a god… and take his power.” It is the ultimate display of hubris, to believe that by killing god you could gain control of god’s power. What Richard fails to recognize, though, is that the divine is manifest in everything. Richard is completely blinded by his insatiable lust for power.

Well, the way that my travels have been going, I suspect I will be reading the finale in the airport too, but you will have to wait until tomorrow for that post.

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