The X-Files Season 10 Comic: Issue #2

XFiles_10-02I made it to my local comic store just in time to pick up the last copy of The X-Files: Issue #2 that was on the shelf.

While I am still excited about this comic, I have to confess that so far it has not lived up to my expectations. Maybe my expectations are too high. That’s likely, since I was a pretty serious X-fan. Anyway, there are some things that are working for me so far and some that are not. I’ll start with the positive.

I like that the comic is tying in current events, such as Stuxnet, the Occupy movement, and the Keystone XL pipeline (which they call Blackstone for some reason). One of the things that I always loved about The X-Files was the way that they tied in just enough real-world events to make it plausible, and the new comic is doing that very well. I also like that they have brought Agent Doggett into the story. While I thought he was a fairly weak character in the television series, basically written in to cover Duchovny’s absence, he was a key player and his inclusion in the comic is appropriate.

Now for what is not working for me. The Lone Gunmen? Seriously? The whole “Oh, we faked our death” concept is pretty weak. And if that wasn’t enough, the issue ends with the implication that Smoking Man is back too. It’s almost too much for me to stomach. These characters were killed off. Leave it as such. Get creative and come up with new characters to drive the plot forward if needed. I’m half expecting the writers to resurrect Deep Throat too. If that happens, I’m not sure I could continue.

I give the writers credit for trying, I really do, and I don’t expect the comic to replace the television series. I’m also good with suspending belief (although I want to believe – ha ha). But there is a point where writers take too much liberty and this is getting dangerously close. I’ll try to keep an open mind when Issue #3 hits the stands. I really want to like this comic, so I am willing to hang in a bit longer and see where it goes.

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