Witchblade: Issue #3

Witchblade_Issue03It’s been a while since I read a Witchblade issue, basically because I got caught up in the Kill Shakespeare comic series (click here for my last Witchblade post).

While I found Issue #2 a little weak in the writing department, this issue is better. The scenes all followed logically and the storyline moved forward effortlessly.

In this issue, Sara tries to abandon the Witchblade as she begins to realize that using it has some negative repercussions. The blade cuts both ways, to cite the cliche. She gets reunited with the blade again, though, when captured by some thugs. As a result of the ensuing conflict, she begins to communicate more with the Witchblade and realizes there is a symbiotic relationship between her and the weapon. The issue concludes with the mighty Nottingham swooping down on her, prepared for battle.

Not a whole lot more to say about this. That’s the thing with comics–they’re short so most reviews are going to be short too. I have issue #4 on my shelf so I will read and review that one soon. Cheers!


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