Dave Barry on Colonoscopy

It’s 5:00 AM here and I am getting ready for my first colonoscopy. Yikes, right? Well, I talked to friends who had it and they all tell me that drinking the gallon of laxative is the worst part, and I can attest that it is pretty bad. Anyway, yesterday a close friend and colleague suggested I read Dave Barry’s article on getting his first colonoscopy, so I did (click here to read the article). I laughed out loud, and let’s face it, nothing is a better cure for anxiety than laughter. I awoke this morning feeling way less uneasy and frankly, the main thought I have right now is the desire to eat solid food again (I’m thinking BBQ ribs for lunch).

Here’s a bonus. After you read the article, check out the video. 😉


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5 responses to “Dave Barry on Colonoscopy

  1. Having endured a couple, they’re worth it, and you even get used to the prep – that sounds kind of weird. I remember being in a ward of beds afterwards and all you could hear was air passing out very loudly from bodies behind various curtains. All part of the fun. Good luck!

    • Stuff Jeff Reads

      Hey westidad. Thanks for the comment. I made it through, no problem. Now I don’t have to think about it for another ten years. Cheers!

  2. Liz Cabelli

    So *glad* all is well, Jeff. Have been through it quite a few times now because I actually had a cancerous polyp at age 50. The doctor said I “dodged a bullet.” Nothing else since, thankfully. LOVED the Dave Barry article and shared it on my FB page!

    • Stuff Jeff Reads

      Hi Liz! So glad to hear that you dodged the bullet and that all your other tests have been negative. It really is an important test that can save your life, and really, the only bad part is the “cleansing.” The procedure itself is nothing, thanks to the wonders of chemistry. Hope you all are well and thanks so much for sharing your experience. Miss you two!

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