“The Little Boy lost” by William Blake

LittleBoyLostSo I finished work early today and to start the long weekend off right, decided to read some Blake. The poem’s short, so I’ll include it in the post.

Father, father, where are you going
       O do not walk so fast.
Speak father, speak to your little boy
       Or else I shall be lost,
The night was dark no father was there
       The child was wet with dew.
The mire was deep, & the child did weep
       And away the vapour flew.

Like most of Blake’s poems from Songs of Innocence, the poem is simple yet spiritual. The child becomes aware of the divine spirit and longs to make contact with it, but the connection to the divine realm is fleeting and temporary, and the child is left alone in the dark wilderness of the world.

I empathize with the little boy. To connect with the divine and not to be able to sustain that connection makes you feel lost. There is a void left behind that nothing earthly can fill. Still, it is one of the most profound experiences a person can have and no one should avoid contact with the divine spirit for fear of feeling an inner vacancy afterwards. As you begin to process the experience, that vacancy is filled with a deeper wisdom and understanding. I think this is an experience that many people in the world would benefit from.

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend. Cheers!!


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