Kick-Ass: Issue #3

KickAss_3OK, the movie may be violent and graphic, but the comic totally trumps the film. This is just downright over-the-top. My guess is that there was a shortage of red ink after this comic was published.

In this issue, Dave assumes his superhero name of Kick-Ass. He also starts pretending to be gay so that he can be friends with a girl he’s attracted to—another brilliant idea, right? But the key part of this issue is when he accepts a request from a woman online to go and challenge her ex-boyfriend who is harassing her. The ex winds up being a drug dealer and a fight ensues. Enter a young girl in a costume who hacks up a few of the hoods. The issue ends with her standing defiantly, ready to take on the rest of the people.

So far, the comic and the movie are almost exactly the same, which is fine. I’d kind of hoped there would be some additional stuff in the comic, but so far that’s not the case. Still, I’m pretty excited about this series and looking forward to reading the next issue. Cheers!!

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