Kick-Ass: Issue #6

KickAss_6I am in the midst of reading a very good novel, so this morning I had to decide whether to read the next issue of Kick-Ass or continue with the book. I decided to read Issue #6 since it would be a quick read and then I would have something to write about.

It was a quick read, but unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot to write about. This was essentially one of those move-the-storyline-along issues. I could go into the details, but I hate spoilers. Basically, Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, and Big Daddy end up falling for a trap set by the mafia, and in classic comic-book style, the installment leaves you hanging at the end. I’m tempted to read Issue #7 when I finish writing this, but I think I’ll read a chapter or two in Gone Girl before everyone wakes up. One of the great things about being an obsessive early-riser is that quiet time early in the morning when you can sit, drink coffee, and read. I am off to bask in that feeling.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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