Kick-Ass: Issue #7

KickAss_7Spoiler Alert.

Usually I avoid spoilers in my posts, but it would be impossible to write anything about this issue without spoilers.

In his issue, Big Daddy gets killed by the mob and Kick-Ass gets his ass kicked. Before Big Daddy dies, he claims that he was not an ex-cop, that he was really just a fanboy trying to live out his comic-book fantasies. He says he involved his daughter as a way of providing her with an “exciting life,” one where she is not “growing up watching American Idol.”

Since this concept of Big Daddy as a fanboy was not in the movie, I really don’t know how the rest of the series will play out. It seems that the big finale in the next issue is going to be quite different from the film finale, which is good. I like a little variation.

The issue ends with Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass ready to take on the mob boss and his henchmen. Check back tomorrow for the conclusion.

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