Black Science: Issue #01

BlackScience_01I saw this comic advertised in an email and it caught my attention. The idea of strange, forbidden areas of science has always fascinated me. So a comic series dealing with the scientific exploration of multiple dimensions seemed right up my alley.

The first issue struck me as a little chaotic and it really didn’t do a good job of developing the characters, in my opinion. That is my one criticism. Other than that, it was good and has potential. Essentially, the main character, Grant McKay, is in another realm of existence populated by surreal creatures. He battles with these beings and manages to get back to his team just in time to make the quantum jump home. Unfortunately, home is not where they end up.

McKay is a member of a group called the Anarchist League of Scientists, who are self-taught and seek to explore areas of science beyond the norms. I like that concept. It is similar to blogging, where people can explore ideas and publish writings outside the restrictive realm of academia and traditional publishing houses. One could say that the blogger community is an Anarchist League of Thinkers.

I found the artwork to be the best part of the first issue. The colors are dark and rich, and the artist does a great job of creating a surreal landscape that captures what I would imagine to be an alternate universe.

I plan on reading the next issue. I hope that the writer spends a little more time developing the characters, though. It’s hard for me to care about a character that has not been defined adequately.

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