Doctor Who Special 2013

DoctorWhoSpecial2013So if you are a geek like me, then you were probably swept up in the excitement surrounding the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. I watched the live broadcast with my 12-year-old daughter and it was great. So when I saw that the Doctor Who comic series was coming to an end and closing with a feature-length special edition, well, I had to reserve a copy.

To sum up the story, the Doctor crosses into a parallel universe, which ends up being ours. Of course, in our universe, Doctor Who is a television show and he is a character played by an actor. The stage is set for some great comic interaction, where the Doctor attends a Doctor Who convention complete with nerds engaged in cosplay and winds up meeting Matt Smith, the actor who portrays himself. It is all very clever and well-executed.

I have to say, though, that what really got to me in this issue was the 12-year-old girl who the Doctor meets in this universe. The girl, whose name is Ally, is a huge Doctor Who fan and is overwhelmed by the fact that she is meeting her hero. Ally is a nerdy girl who loves science and wants to be an astronaut. I’m sure you’ve figured it out. I have a 12-year-old daughter who loves science and watches Doctor Who with me. In fact, both Ally and my daughter own toy sonic screwdrivers. I can feel myself choking up as I write.

My mom was British, so as a kid, I was exposed to Doctor Who through her. Back then, it was Tom Baker with the trademark scarf. I feel a sense of continuity watching the new episodes with my child. I felt the same way reading books to my kids when they were young, books which my parents read to me. There is something really bonding about sharing stories with your kids. For certain, I’ll be sharing this graphic novel with someone close to me. Cheers, and happy reading!

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