Witchblade Issue 151: Unbalanced Pieces – Part 1


On a recent visit to the local comic store, I got into a discussion with the owner about Witchblade. I enjoyed the comic (and the short-lived television series) but had only read a few of the early issues, and they are pretty far along. Well, he let me know that issue 151 marked a “rebirth” of the saga and that it was considered a good place to pick up reading the series. I decided to give it a shot and purchased five consecutive issues beginning with issue 151.

It was pretty easy for me to pick up at this point, especially since I was familiar with the comic’s mythology. Sara Pezzini is no longer a NYC police officer. Instead, she is a private investigator in Chicago. She uses the Witchblade, a mystical artifact with occult powers, to guide her.

The artwork is comparable to the early issues, which is good. The storyline worked for me, also. But I did have one complaint, and it is really more of a pet peeve. Typos! I found a few, and yes, I know, this is a comic and my expectations should not be too high, but still. I feel like if you are going to publish something, you should spend the small amount of time and money needed to hire a decent proofreader.

Anyway, now that I have voiced my criticism, I can say that I am looking forward to reading the next issues, and I will do my best to overlook any typos.

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