Witchblade Issue 152: Unbalanced Pieces – Part 2


In my review of Issue 151, I expressed my annoyance at the typos. I’m happy to say that this issue is much better in that regard, and in addition, it is a really great issue all around.

This has all the things that I love about the Witchblade saga: occult mysticism, the supernatural, mystery, solid writing, vivid artwork, all tied together in an engaging storyline. I cannot point to any flaws in this issue. In fact, I’m eager to tear into the next issue.

Without giving away any spoilers, I’ll just give a brief overview. Sara is investigating an encounter with a woman who appeared very young, but after the battle the woman transforms into an elderly lady. Sara becomes friendly with a stage magician named Cain Jorgenson who seems to have an interest in real magic as opposed to stage performance. Finally, there is the appearance of a wand-wielding woman adorned with occult amulets who seems to have some dark motives.

One part of the tale really stands out for me, personally. It is where Cain reveals to Sara his interest in real magic.

“When I started doing stage magic, I had no idea there was… that kind of magic. But, every time I see it now, I’m drawn to it like a magnet. Maybe faking it for so long makes me attracted to the real stuff. Pulled me to Ms. Smalls, for all the wrong reasons. I think you’ve got some kind of personal magic too, Sara.”

The reasons that people choose to follow mystical paths is something that fascinates me. People are guided to their respective paths by myriad ways. Sometimes it is something sudden and tangible, other times it is slow, subtle and difficult to determine. Regardless, I think that certain people are predisposed to long for the mystical roads, and as a result, find themselves drawn to mystical studies.

The end of the comic is intriguing. There are a couple of “documents” appended that seem to point at some deeper, hidden aspects of the story. If you pick this issue up, be sure to read them. They are definite hints to something that I suspect will be unveiled as the story unfolds.

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