The X-Files Season 10 Comic: Issue #9


I read this issue on my lunch break today. I wish I had more to say about it, but there’s not much to write about. It was OK, but probably my least favorite of the Season 10 series so far. Not that it was bad; it just was just a little thin in substance.

Basically, this issue falls into the X-Files subcategory of creepy-crawly things. You have swarming cockroaches, the sound of which drives people to insanity and murder. In the X-Files TV series, there were certainly plenty of bug and parasite episodes, and they were entertaining, but I found them less interesting than the other paranormal, viral, or conspiracy episodes. I guess because I lived in Miami when I was watching the original series, swarms of bugs didn’t freak me out. It was kind of normal. There is never a shortage of insects in South Florida, especially cockroaches.

Anyway, the story is entertaining, and it stands alone, which is good. You do not have to be up to date with the series to enjoy this comic. Cheers!

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