The X-Files Conspiracy: Transformers


I was never a big fan of the Transformers. I watched the cartoon a few times and kept thinking that I should like it, but I never did. I also thought the movies were terrible. In spite of that, I thought this comic was pretty good.

Basically, two of the Transformers, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, assist the Lone Gunmen in gathering information about Skylogic Systems, the company that supposedly engineered the virus. ( I know, it sounds like Skynet, right?) There are explosions, humorous dialog, and so forth, but nothing earth-shattering.

There is one part, though, that made me laugh. Langly is criticizing Frohike for publishing the recent events of the conspiracy on their web-zine, saying that it might be too far-fetched.

Frohike: But it’s the truth!

Langly: We know that. But think about it. Mutated man-turtles? Ghost hunters? Time travel? I think even Mulder would have a hard time believing, and that’s saying something.

Yes, like Mulder, we all want to believe. But sometimes you just need to suspend belief and enjoy yourself, let your imagination go, which is what I am doing with this Conspiracy mini-series.



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