Witchblade Issue 154: Unbalanced Pieces – Part 4


In this fourth installment, the story is building to a climax. The members of The Flesh and the Brunhildas (the gang of scantily clad biker witches) are about to clash. Both want control of the Fountain, which provides eternal youth and power, but at a cost. And Sara Pezzini is caught in the midst of the epic showdown.

There is a motif that permeates this issue, that of the unknown which resides in the darkness and the shadows. I have personally always found this to be a powerful symbol for the subconscious mind, where primordial instincts dwell along with the aspects of ourselves that we hide from the light, often from necessity.

“There are things even the darkness fears.”

The final lines of the issue truly sum up the terrifying allure of the darkness.

“The shadows are so much darker… so much deeper than I ever thought, Sara… and it’s so goddamn beautiful.”

As I read this, I kind of got a chill. It is because of this that we are all fascinated with darkness, even if we fear it. Let’s face it, Darth Vader is the character from Star Wars that we all find the most interesting, because he turned to the dark side and embraced it. It is a part of human nature to desire this, to want to abandon yourself and submerge into that part of your being that has been kept at bay. But in doing so, there is always a price to pay. Nothing is free and the Devil will always get his due.

The next issue concludes the mini-series. I already have the comic so I will be reading it and sharing my thoughts soon.

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