The X-Files Season 10 Comic: Issue #13


This issue continues where Issue #12 left off and concludes the three-part miniseries: Pilgrims. In typical X-files fashion, it answers some questions, but sparks many more. There is also an ominous twist at the end, which I will omit so as not to spoil the story for anyone.

At the end of Issue #12, Scully is abducted from Saudi Arabia. This issue begins with her turning up in Arlington with Alex Krychek. Neither of them have any recollection of what happened nor how they ended up back in the United States. Mulder, alone in Saudi Arabia, has a strange encounter with a woman truck driver who picks him up while stranded on a desert road. The plot and the conspiracies get deeper and deeper, and the web becomes more tangled. Trust no one.

There is a great section in this installment where Scully is writing up notes on her computer and thinking about the recent events. She is confused, frightened, and wanting answers. I loved this because it reflects how I feel as a reader. The truths in the story are intentionally hidden, causing the reader, like Scully, to yearn for understanding and answers, regardless of how terrifying those answers may be.

Now… I am still unclear. I have questions. I lack answers. And I seek the truth in all things, no matter how elusive… or how much it frightens me to my very core.

This comic series is just as addictive as the television series was. I know that there is no way for me to stop reading this, even if I wanted to. I’ll just have to continue along and see where the story leads.


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