Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night – Issue #2


In this issue, Cesario’s vessel is being pursued by the Lavinia, a vessel captained by Lucius, a known cannibal. Viola joins in a mutiny and the pirates overthrow Cesario and take control of the Boreas. Instead of trying to outrun the Lavinia, Viola decides to make a deal with Lucius and turn over Cesario, Hamlet, Juliet, Othello, and Shakespeare to him.

There was one section of this comic which I thought was done very well. Before the mutiny, the crew of the Boreas was sailing in silence to try to sneak past the Lavinia. For eight pages there is nothing but images without captions, depicting the silent goings-on aboard the ship. The artist does an amazing job using just the series of images to build tension and drive the action. By the time the silence is broken, the tension has built to such a level that you are almost screaming internally. It really works well.

I don’t have much else to say about this issue. This seems to be a plot-driven series, which is fine because the story is exciting, but I confess that it lacks the intricacies and the verbal playfulness of the original series. Still, it’s worth reading. I plan on continuing. I’ll review issue #3 after it’s released.

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