“The Sandman: Overture – 2” by Neil Gaiman


This installment continues with Dream interacting with a surreal host of entities. These entities turn out to be parallel incarnations of himself. I found this to be metaphorical for the collective or cosmic consciousness. The Universal Mind is created by a network of minds, or cells of consciousness.

The various aspects of Dream’s self concur that a part of their consciousness has ceased to exist, which puzzles them because their consciousness is eternal. Dream projects himself into another realm to consult with Glory about what has happened. Glory reveals that this is a manifestation of the impending death of the universe, of all existence. It begins with one cell and spreads like a cancer.

A star has gone mad, Lord Shaper. It is as simple as that.

There are about four hundred billion galaxies in the universe, Dream Lord.

A star has gone mad, and the madness is spreading like a cancer.

Armies are amassing from across the whole of creation, scenting battle.

From across the vastness of the cosmos, impelled by whatever senses drive them, singular creatures are gathering to feast on the coming massacre and the madness.

And the madness will spread. The galaxies themselves will shake and vanish. The other realms in their turn will fade and be destroyed.

Soon enough, the mind that is the universe will cease to think, and all things will cease to be.

This is truly a cerebral comic, one that draws on mystical symbolism, the occult, psychology, and metaphysics. I am a huge fan of Gaiman’s work and I have to say that this ranks among his best writing. I’ll be reading and commenting on issue #3 soon. Cheers!

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