Witchblade: Issue # 171


So I really like the direction the series is taking. There is definitely a strong female energy here and it works really well.

Sara is in the hospital after being shot with an unusual bullet that is clearly some type of mystical artifact. She is still in critical condition, but as the doctor says, she is a strong woman and will likely survive. We have another flashback scene to when Sara tried to relinquish the Witchblade with the assistance of the Magdalena who suggested placing it in the Reliquary of St. Vitus to nullify the object’s mystical power. That, needless to say, does not turn out well. The episode ends with Deputy Kate Rooney entering Sara’s hospital room to find a blade-wielding person there, who summons the Angelus, the mystical being who is the embodiment of The Light.

As I said, I really like this chapter so far. My only complaint is that there is not much nuance or symbolism to elaborate on. But the storyline and artwork are outstanding. I can live without symbolism if the story and the imagery is strong enough, and so far that is certainly the case here. I’ll be reviewing Issue # 172 soon.


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2 responses to “Witchblade: Issue # 171

  1. That’s great that it combines strong imagery with the story as you read it. I hope you have a great reading weekend!

    • I know! I’ve really grown to appreciate the graphic novel genre. As a kid, I loved comics and the helped get me interested in reading. Now I see it as visual storytelling and a whole other way to explore symbolism. Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend too!