Looney Tunes: Issue #161


Last weekend I attended the Asheville Comic Expo with my daughter. While I was there I met Matthew Manning, who is a contributing writer for this issue. I spoke with him for a while and I picked up this issue, which he graciously signed for me.

Although I loved watching Looney Tunes and Bugs Bunny as a kid, I can’t recall ever reading a Bugs Bunny comic. While it was not quite as enjoyable as the cartoon (there is something about Mel Blanc’s voice that just makes you want to laugh), I still enjoyed reading it. It brought back a lot of memories.

The comic is comprised of three short comic vignettes, all of which feature Bugs himself. The stories include some of the other classic Looney Tunes characters: Yosemite Sam (as the pirate High Seas Sam), Elmer Fudd, the Crusher, and a cameo by Daffy Duck. Sitting and reading about their antics on a Saturday morning brought back the feeling of watching Saturday morning cartoons. It is a good feeling.

I have to say, I weawy wiked weading about dat wascawy wabbit. I think I will have to watch some old episodes on YouTube next.



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4 responses to “Looney Tunes: Issue #161

  1. If you are ever in Santa Fe, check out the Chuck Jones Gallery. Original Bugs Bunny cartoon art. And of course plenty of WIley Coyote and Road Runner.

    • Hi Amber. That sounds very cool. My wife and I spent a couple days in Santa Fe on our honeymoon and had a great time. Would love to go back there. Thanks for the comment and I hope the rest of your weekend if nothing short of great!

  2. I love that you take your daughter to Comic Expos. 🙂

    • It really makes me happy, too. Seeing how excited she gets and sharing that is one of the blessings of being a parent. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I hope you have a wonderful evening 🙂