Witchblade – Case Files #1


If you have not read the entire Witchblade saga, or you are like me and enjoy a refresher, then this is a must read. The issue presents a summary of the saga going back to the beginning with Kenneth Irons and Ian Nottingham. But this is much more than just a summary of the story: it is a creative expression in and of itself. All the “documents” contained in the file are framed within pages that look like manila folders. The various documents use different formats, fonts, styles, and so forth, really providing the impression that this is a collection of records, clippings, email printouts, certificates, etc.

What I found most impressive about this magazine (I cannot call it a comic) is the amount of different voices and writing styles used by the writer. Each document has its own unique voice that reflects the character from whom the document originated. I am always impressed with writers who are able to effectively switch voices. It demonstrates genuine writing talent.


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6 responses to “Witchblade – Case Files #1

  1. Alex Hurst

    Looks interesting. I’ve always wanted to pick up Witchblade but never got around to it… Is there a particularly good arc to start with?

  2. I wrongly assumed it was a comic and now I know otherwise. I know nothing about this one but it sounds interesting, Jeff.

    • Hi Christy. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Witchblade is a comic and this is technically part of the comic series, but it is not a comic in the sense that it is not a linear series of images that drives a narrative. It’s more a collection of information that relates to the graphic series. Very creative, imho. I’m really impressed by the creativity I am seeing in this genre. Thanks for stopping by and as always i really appreciate your thoughts. Talk to you soon.


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