Magneto: Issue #11 – What is a Hero?


This issue addresses with the question: What is a hero?

It is most often in times of great tragedy that heroes are born. Only the flame of suffering burns hot enough to forge one’s spirit. These men and women… these heroes… have seen sorrow. They have endured and triumphed. At times, I have been the source of said adversity. Yet they have come through the fire stronger than they were before. But none of that matters now. The Red Onslaught is upon us, and perseverance in the face of tragedy… is worth no more than the dirt upon which heroes fall.

I’ve read this passage several times and it keeps getting deeper for me. All heroes suffer. All heroes overcome adversity. But ultimately, all heroes fall. There is a cycle that pertains to the heroic. And whether the hero falls as a result of a tragic flaw or a mistake, the fall is inevitable.

I will say one more thing about this issue; Doctor Strange makes a brief cameo appearance. I confess that I am very excited about the upcoming Doctor Strange film. I wonder if Marvel is going to start dropping Easter Eggs in their comics.


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4 responses to “Magneto: Issue #11 – What is a Hero?

  1. Alex Hurst

    Ooo, that’s a great quote. I stopped reading all of the X-Men comics (and spinoffs) back in the 90s, when Jim Lee was still doing the art… I really want to catch up. I need to get me some omnibuses.

    • Hi Alex. I hope you are well. This is the only X-men comic I am currently reading, and the only reason I started with it is because I think Magneto is such an interesting character: he somehow spans the boundary that differentiates a hero from a villain. He is both, and that’s what makes him such an intriguing character, for me anyway.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on the post. Cheers!

      • Alex Hurst

        I agree. I really like the intensity of Magneto’s character. He was always a very sympathetic villain (when Rogue was in the Savage Lands, he became one of my favorite characters in the series), and I think that’s why I love Gambit, too (I want to pick up Gambit’s comics again). I find them very appealing, though where they differ is Gambit trades philosophy for humor.

        And of course! I’m sorry I hadn’t been keeping up for a while. I accidentally marked all my “to be read” blogs as “read” about a month ago in bloglovin’. 😦

      • No need to apologize! We are all busy. We read what we can when we can, and I have found it is often just what I need to read at that time. Funny how the universe works in that regard.