The X-Files: Year Zero – Issue #4


This issue begins to illuminate the connection between the two cases/stories. In 1946, Dorothy Sears essentially tricks the Mr. Xero, who is an incarnation of the trickster. It is also revealed that in the present day, Dell Spoon, with whom Mr. Zero has been interacting, is Dorothy Sears’ son. This explains why the trickster has returned, because he refuses to be beaten at his own game.

“A ruse. A charade. A trick! But no one tricks me!”

(p. 13)

I wish I had more to say about this installment, but honestly, I don’t. It is successful in that it begins to tie the two storylines together. The artwork and writing are both good, but there is just not a lot more to elaborate on.

We’ll see what unravels in the next issue.

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