ODY-C: Issue 2


I’m still on the fence about this comic. I love the artwork, which is nothing short of stunning; but while the story has gotten a little more cohesive, the writing still feels somewhat choppy. I’m giving it one more issue to decide.

In this installment, Odyssia and her crew encounter the lotus-eaters. As I said, the artwork is stunning. The vivid colors and surreal images really capture the descent into a drug-induced state. I also found it interesting that the story incorporated different levels of intoxication and addiction, reminiscent of the levels in Dante’s Inferno. Each level is also connected to one of the deadly sins and serves as another trap to ensnare a person’s consciousness and destroy the desire to return to reality.

This comic really has a lot of potential. The ideas are fresh and the artwork is excellent. I really hope the writing catches up.


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6 responses to “ODY-C: Issue 2

  1. Alex Hurst

    The artwork does look amazing.

    I’m just curious – do you have a comic subscription service with each comic company or if you are buying issues separately. I’d love to get more into comics, but it feels like they have gotten so much more expensive since I was a kid, and are also shorter.

    • Hey Alex. I buy them separately. Usually comes out to an average of $5 to $15 a week, depending on how many issues are released that week. I try to limit the number I read. Also, I like to support my local comic store. Owner is a nice guy and he hires cool people, mostly young artists, so I feel like I am supporting them. And when you think about it, you spend $5 on a latte from Starbucks, $11 for a movie ticket, $8 for a lousy fast-food sandwich, so spending $4 on a comic doesn’t seem like a big deal. 😉

      Hope you have a wonderful day, and let me know what comics you decide to follow. I’m curious. I suspect you have great taste in graphic novels.


  2. I also have had a peoblem with the story seeming choppy thats why I gave up on the series.

  3. Alex Hurst

    Man, you were right about the artwork! I got my hands on Issue 1… totally gorgeous, but the writing is very disjointed. Hoping it will get better, too!