Announcing New Read-Along: Homer’s “Odyssey”


I’ve been considering re-reading The Odyssey again for a while now. This will be my third time reading it. For this reading, I wanted a translation that was true to the poetic feel of Homer’s original. I reached out to Symbol Reader, a friend and fellow blogger, to get her recommendation. She suggested Robert Fitzgerald’s translation.

(If you are not familiar with her site, I highly recommend you visit. Her blog is one of my favorites:

My plan is to read through the text and post my thoughts and analysis for each of the twenty-four books contained in the epic. If you are interested in reading along and using the comments section to share your thoughts, questions, impressions, you are encouraged to do so. I will be sharing my first post on “Book I” soon.

“Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story…”


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7 responses to “Announcing New Read-Along: Homer’s “Odyssey”

  1. Thanks, Jeff. Such a good choice :))

  2. jo

    ok, going on my nightstand under Brunellischi’s Dome.

  3. Alex Hurst

    I’m in! Though I’ll have to do my best to keep up, since I’m reading the Thousand Nights right now, too. D:

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