Magneto: Issue #17


This was a pretty cool issue. What I liked the most about it was what was not actually said or shown. Events were hinted at and implied, but not presented in detail. It leaves the imagination room to fill in the blanks. I like that in storytelling. I can really appreciate the freedom to bring my own ideas and interpretations to a story. As such, I will not give any details in this post. I suggest you read it, let the images inspire you, and then let your imagination roam.

The issue does conclude with a note that the next issue will be titled “The Last Days of Magneto!” This makes me wonder if the series is winding down. I guess we’ll see next month. Cheers!


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3 responses to “Magneto: Issue #17

  1. Alex Hurst

    Giving the story room to breathe is so important, especially in comics, where the issues are over all too soon! Really looking forward to this series. 🙂

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