The X-Files Season 10: Issue #24


This issue is the fourth part of the “Elders” episode. It is a little challenging to follow, since there are several storylines occurring at once, which makes it even more difficult to write about in a blog post. It seems as if the creative team is bringing the threads together with the goal of tying the story up in the finale, which will be the next installment.

The next issue marks the finale of the “Elders” episode and the finale of the X-Files Season 10 arc. Twenty-five issues is a formidable run. I cannot help but wonder if they will start a new arc with new writers/artists and tie that in with the upcoming television series reboot, or if they are going to let this rest for a while. I suppose we will find out.

I really don’t have much else to say about this installment. I’ve really enjoyed this series and I look forward to seeing how the story concludes. Check back soon for my thoughts on the finale.

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