Star Wars: Princess Leia – Issue 4


In this installment, Leia decides to trade herself for an imprisoned Alderaanian. I suspect that she has a plan and is setting the pieces in place.

There is a little sub-plot that I found more interesting than the main storyline. Leia sends Uwa and Jora to Espirion to negotiate with the Alderaanians living there and see if they are willing to join with Leia. Upon arrival, they discover that the Alderaanians on Espirion have been mating with other people and Jora expresses racist disapproval of this.

Beonel: Look at this one, Rill. Unable to conceal her bigoted disgust. She obviously didn’t come all this way to recruit half-Alderaanians.

Uwa: Please, Chief Beonel, nothing could be further—

Jora: Our world is dead, sir. All we have left is our identity. Don’t ask me to celebrate its dilution.

Racism and bigotry are sicknesses that are doing damage to our society, and I am really glad that the writers are addressing this. It is my opinion that humanity evolves and progresses when we share cultures. Trying to maintain ethnic and societal purity ultimately leads to atrophy and decay. But the roots of racism and bigotry run deep and they are weeds that are not easily extracted. I hope that one day humanity can look at differences as something beautiful and not things to be feared or abhorred.


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  1. I saw a hilarious post on Google Plus in the form of an employee of the month certificate awarded to the storm that shot princess Leia. According to the certificate the only trooper to have ever successfully shot a hero from the Rebel alliance. Not sure about that. Might have to rewatch to figure that one out, not that I needed an excuse. The certificate was funny though!