Kaptara: Issue 2


So I like this comic, but I don’t have a lot to say about it. It’s very imaginative and funny; not like the heavier graphic tales I am used to reading. But as such, there really isn’t a whole lot for me to write about. It’s whimsical and entertaining, and really, I read so much deep, thought-provoking material, this is kind of a welcome change. I plan on continuing to read this, but probably won’t try to blog about each issue. If something really catches my attention, I’ll certainly share it; otherwise, I’ll just quietly enjoy reading this on my own.



Filed under Literature

4 responses to “Kaptara: Issue 2

  1. Alex Hurst

    That’s definitely an eye-catching cover! It’s always good to have a little light reading between all the heavier stuff. 🙂

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