The X-Files Season 10: Issue #25


This issue marks the end of the X-Files Season 10 arc. As a die-hard X-phile, I have to say that I enjoyed the series, although there were some installments which I felt missed the mark. But overall, it was worth reading.

In classic X-Files manner, this issue has both closure and leaves the door open for subsequent issues. It is also announced at the end that they are planning a Season 11 arc, which is due out in August. Of course, I will be reading that one when it comes out.

Whenever possible, I like to include a quote that stands out, without giving any spoilers. There is a great one from this issue I want to share.

It’s so difficult to hide things away these days. But if recent history is prologue at all… I’ve come to believe plain sight is the best place to do so.

I find some truth in this statement. In a digital information age, we are always looking deep into things and scrutinizing every occurrence, no matter how trivial. In this environment, it is often what lies in plain sight that is overlooked.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I suppose we will find out what Season 11 holds soon, as well as what is in store with the upcoming television reboot.


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5 responses to “The X-Files Season 10: Issue #25

  1. It sounds like there’s a lot more to the comic book genre than people realize. I did almost buy an Archie comic book the other day. I suspect the stories are still very light and silly, but very entertaining!

    • There are some really deep and creative graphic novels out there. You may enjoy exploring the genre. As far as Archie goes, I’ve been reading the Afterlife with Archie series. Very good, but very dark.

      • Yes I’m an unashamed X-phile too. I’m consistently blown away by the depth and variety I am discovering in the modern comic book / graphic novel genre, principally due to the awesome reviews of Henry Chamberlain here on WordPress over at Comicsgrinder. If you want to keep your finger on that pulse look no further.

      • Hey Leeby. Thanks for the comment, and always good to meet another X-phile 🙂

        I’ll definitely check out Henry’s blog when I get a chance. Cheers!

      • Your welcome. You’ll be glad you did. Henry’s a one man cultural institution!