TARDIS as a Symbol of the Human Psyche


I just finished reading Doctor Who: New Adventures of the Eleventh Doctor – Issue 14. While this arc has been mostly silly and mildly entertaining, I came upon a quote in this installment that really struck a chord with me.

Doctor: Jones, Look at you! All grown up! Is it bigger on the inside, Jones?

Jones: We all are, Doctor.

Anyone who knows anything about Doctor Who knows that the TARDIS, the Doctor’s phone booth time machine, is bigger on the inside. But I had never considered the TARDIS as a symbol for the human psyche until now. Our psyches, which are within us and part of us, are much larger than we are. Our psyches enable us to travel into the past through memory and to visit the future through our imagination and visions. Our consciousness allows us to visit other realms and dimensions. We can recreate ourselves through our psyches. Our consciousness, within each of us, is our own personal TARDIS.

I’ve loved Doctor Who since I was a kid, but from now on, I suspect I will be thinking about the Doctor and his mysterious blue box in a different manner.


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4 responses to “TARDIS as a Symbol of the Human Psyche

  1. Very interesting. I didn’t follow as a kid, and don’t read any of the Dr. Who literature, but have followed the since the reboot of the 9th Doctor. And I actually had this experience, or something like it, with a woman I had gotten to know, mostly on line, last year. Things soured for various reasons, and our relationship was severed. But we crossed paths a couple months later, in an odd situation, that led me to come to a very similar conclusion about her. A very tiny, frail woman… but oh, so much bigger on the inside. https://www.facebook.com/smittysk/photos/pb.350215555157545.-2207520000.1438462271./385889924923441/?type=3&theater

    • Hey Scott! Great to hear from you. I’ve had so many experiences in life which I later associated with a work of art or literature or a song or film. I think it is how we make sense of what happens in life. Anyway, sorry to hear that things soured for you. Hope things are going well in other areas for you, especially IA. Speaking of which, I saw Jessica last week. It was good catching up with her. Cheers!