Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Issue #4


Black mass, cannibalism, necromancy, bullying: this is without question one of the darkest comics I’ve ever read. But it is not just shock for shock’s sake; it is truly a well-crafted story with layers of complexity. Reading this is like rending open the darkest regions of your psyche and confronting those aspects of humanity that we all want to avoid.

Having witnessed Sabrina’s participation in a Satanic ritual, Sabrina’s boyfriend Harvey is horrifically killed and blame is placed on some neighborhood youths. Sabrina begins the process of trying to deal with the psychological torment that plagues her, knowing she is at least in part responsible for what happened, and having to lie to protect herself.

I think we have all done things which haunted us, which is why this comic is so damn visceral. It’s not the events; it’s the emotion that one relates to when reading this. And it’s not a comfortable emotion. But it is important to face your demons and experience the catharsis that results from doing so. This comic will challenge you emotionally and psychologically. You’ve been duly warned.


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4 responses to “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Issue #4

  1. Alex Hurst

    Maybe too much for me! But a great analysis. I’m curious about the use of Sabrina as the name, though… if it was used on purpose to parody/destroy/commentate on the teenage witch of the same name.

    • Actually, it is the same Sabrina. This is an official Archie comic. I feel like the goal was to take Archie and his friends and make them current. Each of the new Sabrina’s includes a short comic strip at the end from the original, which is an interesting compare/contrast when you see how the characters were originally presented.

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