Doctor Who – Eleventh Doctor: Issue 15


This arc is winding down. I believe there is one more issue scheduled (though I may be mistaken). This issue wraps up the main story nicely and is frankly one of the better issues in this series. There is one quote from this installment that I want to share.

But we make new family. And everywhere we’ve been, and everywhere we’re going, there’s new family waiting. We can’t go backwards. We can’t be defined by where we came from. We go forward.

I liked this quote a lot because I related to it deeply. For a long time, I was tormented by the past, and as a result, was unable to move forward with my life. But once I learned that the past does not dictate my future, I was able to move forward and create a new and wonderful life for myself.

The past is valuable as a series of lessons, but the future holds infinite opportunity limited only by the restrictions we place upon ourselves. Don’t be afraid to face the future.

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