The X-Files Season 11: Issue #01


So I am having mixed feelings about this issue. On one hand, being the X-phile that I am, I was glad to see that they are keeping the series going and hope that the comic will somehow tie into the upcoming television reboot. But I fear that the story may be getting too fragmented and convoluted, much like the television series toward the end of the initial run.

As I read this, I could not help thinking that there is just too much going on, too many loose ends, and not enough cohesion. Hey, I enjoy complex storylines with intricate weaving of subplots as much as the next nerd, but when I reached the end of this installment I found myself not really caring all that much and questioning whether it is worth my time and money to continue reading this series. For me, that is somewhat of an X-istential crisis (sorry, can’t help the puns).

I suppose I will continue reading this arc, at least for a little while. I really hope that the creative team has a vision and plans to bring the story together. I’d be sorely disappointed if they are just stringing the series along like what happened in the last couple seasons of the TV show.

More will be revealed.

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