Alice Cooper vs. Chaos #1


I stopped into the local comic store on the way home from work yesterday, and my friend who owns the store had put aside this new Alice Cooper comic for me, knowing that I am a big Alice fan. So of course, I bought it, even though I had no idea who or what Chaos was.

I found this comic to be just OK. Certainly, nothing like Neil Gaiman’s Alice Cooper comic (which is a must read, imho). This one, has some cool looking demonic characters, and it seems as if they will be attempting to kill the Coop, but otherwise, I closed the cover thinking I really didn’t care too much about this. I suppose if I was familiar with the Chaos graphic series, this would be more interesting for me. Anyway, because it’s Alice, I’ll continue reading it, but unless it turns out to be something incredible, I probably won’t be taking to time to blog about them. As such, if you see a subsequent post, you can assume that this arc has taken a turn for the better.



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5 responses to “Alice Cooper vs. Chaos #1

  1. Alex Hurst

    At least it looks like it has some pretty art!

  2. hello, jeff. just this morning, I happened upon this post which I share in case it may be of interest to you.

    • Ah yes, very familiar with that comic and the associated album (which I still have on vinyl). A friend of mine actually has this comic, which I have read. I keep hoping that one day I’ll run across it at a comic expo or yard sale. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and thanks for reminding me of that great comic. Cheers!

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