Doctor Strange: Issue 02


Prior to this arc, the only Doctor Strange I had read was the early Stan Lee and Steve Ditko incarnation. I have to say that this arc, while enjoyable, is somewhat on the silly side compared with those early issues. As I read this, I couldn’t help wondering about the upcoming Doctor Strange film which is in the works. Will it be more like the earlier Strange, or more like this newer version? Personally, I hope they lean more toward the earlier.

This installment is still laying the foundation for the story. Doctor Strange has treated a woman, Zelma Stanton, who was infected with Mind Maggots. Zelma is a librarian and Strange convinces her to help him organize his extensive collection of occult books. We also discover that a group called the Empiriku is seeking sorcerers across dimensions to destroy them. One does not need the powers of prescience to see that they will eventually come after the Sorcerer Supreme.

As is my wont, I like to include a quote or two from what I read. This one made me chuckle to myself. As a bibliophile, I was able to relate to Zelma’s reaction when she encounters Doctor Strange’s collection of books.

AAIEEE!!! That’s the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen!!! Do you really put all your books in piles like that?! God, you’re a monster!

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8 responses to “Doctor Strange: Issue 02

  1. Miriam

    I like this run so far. This is the first time I’ve followed a Dr. Strange ongoing run; like you, I’ve read some of the Lee/Ditko comics and also some one-shots/graphic novels and guest appearances in other comics. I was mostly reassured by the creative team, Jason Aaron is a decent writer and Bachalo’s style is well suited to Dr. Strange.

    Yes, it’s a bit cutesy but I enjoy some humor with my gross mystical parasites. I think they might be trying to channel the Dresden Files type urban fantasy genre that’s been popular for some time now in prose media, and I think it’s an interesting direction. Plus got to give a librarian supporting character a shot!

    • Hi Mim. Yeah, I like the artwork too. And the writing is good and I am enjoying it, it’s just not what I’m used to. I don’t know anything about the Dresden Files, although I have heard of it. Any good?

      • Miriam

        Dude, I love the Dresden books. Just be warned that the first couple of books kind of suck, the series doesn’t really get going until ‘Summer Knight’. And ‘Dead Beat’ is epic! I think you might like them.

        I think the Dr. Strange movie is supposed to flash back to his origin in the past, and pick up in the current day so it can be integrated in with the rest of the Marvel universe. The crew have been spotted filming in Nepal, a good sign.

      • Your recommendation carries much weight, oh wise and sage woman 😉 I have some stuff on my shelves waiting to be read, but I will check out Dresden after that. Cheers!

  2. Alex Hurst

    Monster, indeed. 😉 Book Christmas trees are like prisons for books, haha.

    I’ve never read Doctor Strange, but I imagine the movie will have a bizarro feel, maybe a mix of the grit we’ve been seeing, with the humor of Iron man or Deadpool, but it’s too soon to know!

    • Hey Alex. I think you are spot on re the direction of the film. I predict liberal use of CGA to capture the more cerebral aspects. And I am good with some humor in there. Personally, very excited for the film. Hope things are good with you.


      • Alex Hurst

        I’m looking forward to it, as well. The studios have had lots of practice now to figure out what does and doesn’t translate to screen environments, and it’ll be great to see what they do with the less mainstream characters as they hit film. 🙂

      • True. Guardians of the Galaxy was totally not mainstream and was the best “superhero” film yet, imho.